Healthy Muslimah Summit: Hold on to the Rope of Allah

Healthy Muslimah Summit: Hold on to the Rope of Allah

The Healthy Muslimah Summit is on the way. Unfortunately recordings are only available for 24 hours. Here are the notes as well as the presentation images. Amazing insight on Day 2 – Exploring Emotional Health. Sister Na’ima B. Roberts, of SISTERS Magazine presented: “Hold on to the Rope of Allah”

  • Have Yaqeen that things will be ok. Sometimes u don’t really want the test that Allah swt gives you. Have hope and belief that Allah swt wants good for you, makes the grief lighter.
    There’s a reason why those who have left, why they are gone. But there’s a reason why you’re still here. What is your purpose. Why are u here. Do you still have more work here. Do u still have more khair to get. Do you still have more khair to give
  • People only see whats on they outside. Take the khair from it. Grief is not the ending point.
  • This life we live is not a straight forward journey. Get married. The fairytale is complete. After the honeymoon period, the rollercoaster takes u by surprise. We tell ourselves stories about ourselves.
  • Ones internal narrative is very important. The power of our stories are difficult to overstate.
  • Take stock and ask yourself, what’s the lesson in this? What is it that Allah swt is trying to teach me here? Inside you might be a knot of fear and doubt and anxiety and angst. Choose to be happy. You have the ingredients for a good life in front of you. Alhumdullillah , Allah has given us khair upon khair upon khair. Allah has created us strong and resilient, more than we think.
  • Allah swt has created us strong and resilient, but we absolutely need allah swt in our lives.
  • Sometimes we make dua and we make plans and Allah swt grants us that which we have asked for but that thing comes with its own trials. Because that is the sunnah of this life.
    In this life we don’t get any khair for free. That’s the reality., that is in jannah.
  • In this life everything u have, comes with a cost.
    Theres a cost to everything that we get in life. Pomogranite can’t just be enjoyed, theres a process.
  • Eg. Making dua for a baby. There’s morning sickness, and pains and childbirth. And the cost to maintain a baby, diapers and feeding etc
    Everything has a cost.
  • Don’t take your imaan and inner strength for granted.
  • Allah holds our hearts and he can turn it whichever way he wills. Thank allah swt for giving you optimisim. And strength. Allah brings us down. He reminds us that he is holding our hearts.
  • Sometimes you just have to fall and believe that allah swt is going to pick you up.
  • Allah swt gives you a new chance to experience joy. Be grateful. Its easy to lose sight of the khair that is in front of us. For us to give in to the fears and the doubts.
  • Every one of us will go through trials, we will continue to go through trials until we die. It doesn’t matter who u are, it doesn’t matter what your level of imaan is, allah will test every one of us according to our ability.
  • Remember your need for allah. Remember allah in good times and be thankful. You could be in a really good place right now. Thank allah for that, because you don’t know what’s around the corner. If you’re in a bad place right now , know that its not never ending . because allah swt has promised that.
  • Verse: inna ma al usri yusra
    Ease is promised twice.
  • Hold on the to rope of allah swt. Hold on to the hope of allah swt . hold on so tight. The dawn will always come. The day will always give way to night. And the night gives way to day. If you are in a good place. Thank allah. If you’re in a bad place. Trust allah. And I you’re still journeying between the two, rem that is the state of the believer and that is the sunnah of this life. Our state is not static. It changes. Hold tight, keep your head above wather, and keep the rememberance of allah and his plan for you, and his ultimate good will for you. Keep that at the forefront of your mind and don’t ever despair.

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