Hajj Series: The 5 days of hajj.

Hajj Series: The 5 days of hajj.

Again like the previous post, a run through of what’s required on the days of hajj.  Some hujaaj stay  in Azizya, so check the necessary itinerary with your Hajj tour operator. I was based in Azizya.

For the 5days of hajj, depending on whether you’ve opted for transport facilitated hajj or walking hajj, that will dictate the route you will embark on. Padestrians have a walkway or bridge therefore the route is different to that of the bus.  It is very organised so you don’t have to worry about being run over and other concerns of the like.

Day 1 –

1st day: 8th Zul Hijjah, Yaum-ut-Tarwiyah
After putting on their Ihraams for Hajj, the Hajjees proceed to MlNA after sunrise and perform 5 Salaahs there, i.e. Zohar, Asr, Maghrib, Esha and Fajr of the next day (9 Zil Hijjah).


Take the necessary measures to don your ihraam.  Apply sunscreen if you like, insect repellent is usually a good idea because you dont know the conditions  you will experience.  Don’t forget anti-perspirent. Make your salah and intention to enter into the state of ihraam.


You will go from Azizya/Makkah to Mina. Easy peasy. There are Hajj camps which look like a series of Large tents. There are matresses. a pillow, and a blanket.Foods is accessible. Drinks are accessible. There are air-conditioners, and insha-allah those will work. Urns have hotwater for ample cups of tea and coffee. Alhumdulillah, the South African camps were not short of anything. Even the fridges/freezers are on site to provide cold drinks.

I carried a lightweight shawl that double up as a sunshade, blanket, pillow and even a musallah 🙂 That is entirely up to you. Bear in mind you will need to travel as light as possible. in my bag was a shawl, musallah, miswaak, facetowel, vitamins, energy supplements. A plastic packet with toilet paper. I had elastic bands to keep my sleeves and pants up for whudu and when using to the toilets. A spray bottle is a must in event that you can’t reach the taps for whudu.

Day 2

2nd day: 9th Zul Hijjah, Yaum-ul-Arafah
After sunrise the Hajjees proceed to ARAFAAT and make WUQOOF after ZAWAAL. Zohar and Asr Salaah will be performed here. Here they remain engaged in Du’aa, Zikr, Tilaawat, etc. until sunset. Immediately after sunset they proceed to Muzdalifah. Here they will perform Maghrib and Esha at the time of Esha. The night will be spent at Muzdalifah.

Mina to Arafah:

When you reach arafah will depend on whether you went on foot or via bus. We were on Arafah by 7 am.

The tents were surprising. Open and airy with carpets to sit on. You rest. Make your duas and supplications. Pray your salah.



I had a notebook where i jotted the names of all those who requesed duas, so it was easy to just read out of it and make dua for them without forgetting anyone. I had also made a dua list for myself, with all the things I wanted to remember in my duas and all I wanted to ask for. When you are on Arafah it may be so surreal that you may not even remember which duas you wanted to make.

After sunset you leave for Muzdalifah.


Muzdalifah was a challenge for me. The bathrooms are abit of a mission so try to go before you leave arafah.  Again, I cannot stress enough on how important it is to keep your sleeves and pants up when using the bathrooms. There’s water all over the floor. and you want to remain in a state of purity.  At Muzdalifah you will pray your magrib and esha combined. You will pick up your stones for pelting the jamaraat. If you follow the shafi’ee Madhab you will move on to Mina. If you follow the Hanafi Madhab you will sleep the night under the stars in muzdalifa.

Muzdalifah sees so many things come together, people are picking pebbles. Some are washing their pebbles to ensure they have not picked up globs of sand.

Note the Identification handband.

There will be kiddy pilgrims too 🙂

There are people sleeping in the mountains. For Muzdalifah we slept on hajjimatts. You can buy one of them for about 10- 15SR. I teamed that up with my inflatable travel pillow and shawl, alhumdulillah, it worked. Alot of other people use their backpacks as  pillows. Perform fajr at Muzdalifah and head to Mina.

Day 3

3rd day: 10th Zul Hijjah, Yaum-un-Nahr
After performing Fajr Salaah at Muzdalifah, the Hajjees proceed to Mina before sunrise. On this day four important rites have to be performed.
1. RAMEE of Jamaratul Aqabah (stoning the big Shaytaan).
2. ZABH (to sacrifice an animal).
3. HALQ or Qasr (shaving or trimming the hair of the head).

Important!!! Keep an eye out for the schedule for pelting. There is a roster and a number of how many hujjaaj can leave to pelt. This is for control purposes to avoid problems and hazards like stampedes. The jamarat a elongated horizontally for easier pelting.  The picture here is a side view of the Jamaraat. Don’t throw shoes at the Jamaraat, only stones. There are also industrial air-conditioners in the pelting area.

The earlier you can get your pelting completed, the better. After pelting we notified our Hajj operator of our completion of pelting. After which we received confirmation of our animals being sacrificed. This signifies that you can exit ihraam. You’ll want to keep your scissors accessible 🙂  You will see men shaving their heads close to the jamaraat.

After which  you make your way to the Haram for tawaaf-ul-ziyaarah. The traffic is bound to be very slow. Don’t stress out about it. Some prefer to take a taxi to the haram, while some hajj operators arrange for a bus. Tawaaf on the mataaf is usually rough coz of the magnitude of people. You might want to perform tawaaf on the 1st floor. Avoid tawaaf-ul-ziyarah on the roof as the distance is greater and it will burn you out. After which you return to mina.
Day 4

4th day: 11th Zul Hijjah
All three Jamaraat have to be pelted on this day and the night will be spent at MINA. RAAMEE, i.e. pelting time begins after ZAWAAL and ends before SUNSET.

Again follow the roster available. Dont take your belongings to the Jamarah. The crowds are tight. If you’re lost make prior arrangements to meet outside Masjid-Al-Khaef after pelting. Pedestrians have designated one way routes so that cannot be avoided. Meeting back at the came at Mina might be a wise idea. Don’t panic. Keep your Identification on you at all times.



5th day: 12th Zul Hijjah
Make Ramee, i.e. pelt all three Shaytaans after Zawaal. The Hajjees may now proceed to Makkah/Azizya depending on where your hotel is. Those who wish to remain in Mina on the l3th Zul Hijjah should pelt the 3 Shaytaans before proceeding to Makkah/Azizya. The pelting on this day is permissible throughout the day (including the period before Zawaal).

NB: pelting needs to be completed and you need to leave Mina before magrib. Should you have any problems during hajj, check with the ameer of your group for assistance.

You can expect any type of weather during the 5 days of hajj, so mentally prepare yourself for it. I got stuck in a hailstorm, other hujjaaj have experienced fires, or floods. Put your trust in Allah SWT, and make the best of it.

This very brief haphazard post has been put together on the request of many people, unfortunately time doesn’t permit editing and reviewing a more articulated final document.

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