Gems: Blessed Mother & Son Webinar

Gems: Blessed Mother & Son Webinar


View the recording of this webinar here: Recording of Blessed Mother & Son Webinar

  • We have a human nature to copy, to follow. This is a need in ourselves –
  • How many of us know about Hanna, the mother of Maryam? – Faria Alam
  • Hanna alayha salam wanted to make a change, and Allah gave her a girl. Change starts with our womenfolk! – Faria Alam
  •  How many of us know Hannah (a.s)? She was the mother of Mary, a superstar mother of a superstar child!
  • Success lies in being righteous. Why was Mary (a.s) chosen by Allah? For her righteousness!
  • So how do you become righteous? Simple. Do what pleases Allah! And how would you know what pleases Allah?* Qur’an + Sunnah *
  • Why did Allah command Maryam (a.s.), a pregnant lady, to shake the tree?
  • Revelation comes before intellect. Remember that Allah is Al-‘Aleem (The All-Knowing)… we are not!
  • Maryam (a.s) was a total package! Knowledge with action, Righteousness, Conviction, Modesty, Submission, Patience, Tawakkul (Reliance on Allah)… you name the quality… she had it all! No wonder Allah chose her as a role model for BOTH men and women!Tune in NOW to allow Sr. Faria Alam to enlighten you:
  •  Imam Bukhari in the last few years in his life was very unpopular, accused of being Mu’tazili. Entire muslim world had turned against him, and he made dua for death and died. But now, what is the most popular book in the muslim world? Sahih Al Bukhari. Abu Hanifa passed away in prison, now he has billions of followers all over the world. Our impact while doing dawah will not come instantly, it might come after our death. Don’t ever think “I wont be able to make a difference,” if Allah helps us, we can truly change the world. -Ust Ismail Kamdar, The Blessed Mother and Son
  •  When you help the religion of Allah, understand that you will face tests.-Ust Ismail Kamdar, The Blessed Mother and Son
  • When practising muslims are a minority, it’s fard al ayn on every one of them to give dawah. -Ust Ismail Kamdar, The Blessed Mother and Son
  • ‘Isa (alayhi salam) gave da’wah just after birth! As a baby he was calling to God, where do we stand now? – Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar
  • The first words of Jesus, peace be upon him, were: “I’m a slave of Allah” … not “I’m a Prophet of Allah.”
    Why? Because we are all slaves of Allah at first. Everyone of us. – Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar
  • The One Message Da’wah Tip: Don’t get egotistic when calling people to Allah. You may not be the better person… we all are slaves of One God in the end!
  •  Many of us start lecturing our parents as if they are children, after we become practicing Muslms. But that’s not what Islam teaches. You are still a kid to your father and mother.
  • ‘Isa (a.s) mentions rights of parents immediately after Prayer and Charity, the rights of Allah! How many times in the Qur’an have we been commanded to be good to our parents right after the rights of Allah? – Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar
  •  The Prophets of God have been sent to make life easy for us. It is we who make it difficult! Allah says: “Allah intends to make things easy for you.” [Qur’an, Surah Baqarah]
  • You CANNOT end counting how many things are permissible… while you CAN count the number of forbidden acts!
  • When Isa a.s. made dawah, he mentioned the Book of Musa a.s. and Muhammad s.a.w. He was showing continuity. “We are not bringing something new to you, it is The One Message.” – Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar

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