Free Webinar : Loving that girl in the mirror

Free Webinar : Loving that girl in the mirror

“Loving That Girl in the Mirror”
Why Finding Love and a Good Husband Begins With  How You See Yourself
Sisters Only webinar


Sat: July 6th @ 3:30pm PST/6:30pm EST

Practimate co-founder, Megan Wyatt,

Fatima Omar Khamissa,
founder of SpiritualBizMoms,
Listen in for a rich discussion about
life, love, heartbreak, and revival

Fatima left an abusive marriage of 17 years with 5 children, and set out on her own for safety and security. Now, over five years later, she runs her own business and is an author, speaker, coach and recipient of “The Leading Women and Girls in Building Communities Award” from Canada.

Learn the “easy way” from her experience, growth, wisdom, and motivation as you begin your own marriage journey to finding your Mr. Right insha’Allah.
What will be covered in the discussion:
* Why your own self image is the greatest protection you have from marrying a bad guy
* How to listen to your gut instincts and trust your own
* Signs that you are headed towards an unhealthy marriage from now (and how to turn things around)
* Where to find true beauty in yourself and your life and radiate with it.
* Tips on attracting and choosing the right person
* Nourishing your relationship with Allah to find lasting love insha’Allah.
* What you can learn from their life experiences

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