Free Webinar #2 : Moving past your Divorce

Free Webinar #2 : Moving past your Divorce
 Webinar 2:
How to turn your devastating divorce into
the best thing that ever happened to you
Presenter: Yasmin Mogahed
yasminmogahed1Many people struggle with overcoming grief and moving on from their divorce. Webinar 2 takes place tomorrow, Insha-Allah. We will try to review it with pointers for our readers to benefit from.If you’re able to attend, please register on :
Date: 23 Jnauary 2014
Time : 19:00 (GMT +2:00)
Register now! Divorce is a very painful experience, and the muslim world doesn’t offer enough advice on the topic. Use these webinars to reboot your life and empower you to move passed the shackles and stigmas that come with being a divorcee.Webinar was a great way to  mentally gear yourself to taking control of your life and circumstances, and mostly how to nurture your sense of self worth.

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  1. farhana like to register for the divorce webinar.


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