Free Course: Hajj of the Prophet SAWS

Free Course: Hajj of the Prophet SAWS

Are you going on hajj this year and want to know the fiqh of hajj?
Do you perhaps want to learn about the Hajj of the prophet SAWS?

This aweseome webinar or course replay is an investment for your time.


KIU has a free replay of the webinar/course.
Lecture 1 Recording:
Hadith Jabir on the Hajj of the Prophet – Sh Sajid Umar << Click to Listen
Lecture 2 Recording:
The Fiqh of Hajj – Sh Ahmad Abdul-Wahab  << Click to Listen



Be sure to share with your friends and relatives who are embarking on hajj as a means for attaining sadaqatul jaariyaah for yourself 🙂

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