Event Review: Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire

Event Review: Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire

Event date: 09 September 2011

Historically there is alot of interest that surrounds the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire. This day long course was very well structured and indepth on the Historic breakdown allowing us to understand the spread of Islam through Europe.

 Click here for info about the course & speaker РDurban was afforded exposure to this course via Deenclass

The prophet Muhammed SAWS said :
“Verily you shall conquer Constantinople.
What a wonder leader it’s leader shall be, and what a wonderful army that army will be”
– (Musnad Ahmad)

Spanning 3 continents over a period of 6 centuries, the Ottoman Khilafah (rule) was one of the longest lasting empires in history. and the last protectorate of the Muslims.


The Rise of the Ottoman Empire  (1222-1453)
The Growth (1453-1606)
Stagnation (1606 – 1699)
Decline (1699-1808)
Tanzimat dissolution (1808-1922)

Given the historic nature of the course, it is too intensive to share everything, so below are afew snippets and pictures of note

  • Rumi played part in creating a sufi type of Islamic state
  • Romans renamed the Greek gods to be Roman gods
  • Shamanism was the pre-islamic religion of the Turks

  • All the sultans were given tombs of commemoration ( mausuleums)
  • Each sultan has been burried with his family
  • Janissaries = soldiers to the sultan
  • People put nationalism above Islam
  • The evolution of printing moved to printing of Arabic which posed a threat to the calligraphic industry
  • Most of Greece was part of the Ottoman Empire from the 14th century until it’s declaration of independence

Book signing : Europe’s Forgotten Ottoman Heritage

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