Event Review: Pearls of Wisdom from The Victorious One (pt3)

Event Review: Pearls of Wisdom from The Victorious One (pt3)

Pearls of wisdom collected by students from The Victorious one.
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  • You can have your different cars, properties, cultures, etc, but Islaam brings us all together
  • The masaajid today have lost their role which the masjid in the time of Nabi (pbuh) used  to play! Can we truly call every masjid around the world our home? Or is it just a place of prayer and education only?
  •  The Ansaar were prepared to divorce any 1 of their wives to give to their muhaajir brother based on the choice of the muhaajir! the spirit of brotherhood!
  • In this day and age has ‘I love you for the sake of allah’ become an empty statement? Consider the associations and brotherhood between the sahaba!
  • The umbrella of this brorherhood in madina was their Aqeedah!
  • Look for your own happiness and give it to others as well!Prejudices break down the society!
  • An important lesson from the life of the prophet is image building.
  • Wherever justice is, that’s where Islaam is!
  • From the seerah we learn that we should have a positive approach. Positive approach results in a successful outcome.
  • Islaam came with a just system. Whoever is with that is with us.
  • Think good until bad is proven!
  • One of the leadership skills of the Prophet (pbuh) was humbleness. Humbleness is not a form of weakness. Humbleness is strength. In order to reach the level of the character of the prophet, we need to purify our souls
  • We should be open to other opinions especially when in leadership positions!
  • Nobody has the right to take justice in their hand and fight others.
  • The solution is simple, but we have to find it within ourselves first.
  • Muslims won at uhud, why? Cos if you donot make mistakes then you won’t be able to learn from it! And the muslims learnt from their mistakes in uhud.
  • If the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a dictator as some people claim, then how is it that he went for days on end without food? How is it that there was no food in his house for months on end at times?
  • The campaign of the prophet muhammad (pbuh) was to win hearts, not minds. Cos if you win someone’s mind, its temporarily. But if you win someone’s heart, then you own them!
  • Everyone of us are beautiful! And we can make ourselves more beautiful by our (good) actions!
  • We have to protect our people, be they muslims or not. This is justice and the manner of the prophet muhammad (pbuh)
  •  We get divided by not understanding what our vision should be!
  • Injustice is currently the most enormous  social issue.
  • As Muslims we are losing our identity and sense of belonging. 95% of muslims cannot answer who they are and where they belong
  • Concession does not mean that you throw away your basic rules and principles.
  • The Quraysh (polytheists) in makkah were the first to recognise the Islamic state
  • Divine restrictions are actually an enrichment and not a restriction
  • There is no state in this world which found itself in 8 years, like how the state of Madinah did under the leadership of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
  • Everything which you do in your life with the correct intention, correct steps,  can turn out to be a blessed goal
  • The biggest strength of Islaam as a religion is towbah (repentance), as Islaam wipes out everything (every sin) that was before
  • The victory of Makkah was actually an emotional victory
  • When Makkah was conquered by prophet Muhammad (pbuh), it was the first time that the kaabah was returned to its original state which was when prophet abraham and ismail built it, (i.e. Purified from idols)
  • The strongest form of forgiveness is when you are in power and you forgive.
  • The biggest winners are thos who are able to forgive. The biggest losers are those who take advantage of your forgiveness
  • You don’t have to forgive, but the more you forgive the more better you will be able to live! The more you forgive, the more free you will be able to feel
  • Its better to forgive, but that does not obligate friendship henceforth
  • The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) physically passed away, but his teachings never did.
  • The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was not afraid that his ummah will vanish, but he was afraid that their priorities will change.
  •  You are not obligated to do what you can’t do.
  • Uniting the ummah should be our greatest concern and effort!
  • From a human perspective we can’t understand the seerah/prophet Muhammad (pbuh), because? … he fit many roles. He could step aside his human-ness and be just, as well as implement Allah’s laws without implementing his opinion in it. The Seerah as it was lived by the prophet (pbuh) evoked different responses from people. So many different insights and wisdoms and lessons, that it is difficult to internalize the reality of it. 🙂 subhanallah.
  • What a beautiful Eeman boost to imagine living with Prophet Mohammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him when we studied the Seerah on the weekend. Can you imagine to live with him in Jannah. Allahu Akbar. So, let’s walk in his footsteps, revive his Sunnah ourselves first, and then pass onto others 🙂
  • The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) physically passed away, but his teachings never did!
  • The Prophet didn’t appoint himself as a leader. He grew as a leader through different positions to become the Greatest Leader
  • The success of our Nabi (SAW) cannot be understood using only intellect. One has to employ the heart to really appreciate it.
  • Salaah and changing of Qiblaah was a preparation for obedience and discipline , to the Prophet and the leader and the imam and the leader in the army
  • Do everything in ur ability to attain that which is beneficial to ur Eemaan and ur Aakhira. Fill ur life with sincerity, resolve, reliance on Allah.
  • Capitalise on the opportunities that arise from a conflict situation – specifically those that will benefit the Muslims in the long term! -Treaty of Hudaibiyah.
  • The Believer stands firm even in the face of taunting and provocation – Treaty of Hudaibiyah
  • Story of the Prophet SAW and Aysha RA and the door that closed- Lessons for married couples on how to turn a tense situation to one of pleasantries
  • Makkah is the Homesickness of the Soul
  • The Athaan reminds you of your identity (as a muslim)

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    “Story of the Prophet SAW and Aysha RA and the door that closed- Lessons for married couples on how to turn a tense situation to one of pleasantries”

    – Would you mind expanding on this please? What happened in that incident?


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