Dhul-Hijjah Challenge 2014

Dhul-Hijjah Challenge 2014

All new Dhul-Hijjah Challenge 2014! Amazing good deed hack for your aakhira, insha-Allah. Don’t miss out! Join the challenge!

” There are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah
than these ten days.”

—  Saheeh Bukhari, 2/457

Planleaf.com has launched a brilliang iman lifting challenge for 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah. It’s a great way to accomplish afew simple deeds and Insha-Allah, reap great rewards from the auspiciousness of these days – AND it’s amazingly simple. Sign up here

dhul hijjah challenge muslimahlifestyle 1

Apologies for having shared this so late into the challenge, but rest assured they’re simple to catch up with if you begin now. Make it fun and encourage your friends and family to partake in it, even if it means presenting them the daily challenge if they are unable to sign up online. It’s a great way to revive the sunnah, and grow in unity with your friends and family.

An example of the challenge is listed below. Please note that the actual challenge points are different to the picture 🙂
dhul hijjah challenge muslimahlifestyle 2

Sign up here for the Dhul-Hijjah Challenge : http://www.planleaf.com/best10days

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