DBN: Tajweed Course

DBN: Tajweed Course

The ILM-SA Tajweed classes for women with Ruqayya Paruk begin on Tuesday, 17 April 2018.

Dates: Tuesday 17th April 2018 to Tuesday 5th June 2018 (7 lessons)

Venue: Upstairs classroom at NMJ Islamic Centre

If you’ve studied Tajweed with Ruqayya: 8.30am to 9.45am

If you’re a newcomer: 10am to 11.30am

Cost: R350 for the entire course (let ILM-SA  know if you can’t afford the fee)

To register: Whatsapp 0832714500

What students have to say about these classes

Student 1
“Alhamdulillah, these Tajweed classes have really helped me reconnect with our Divine Book.  Sister Ruqayya is extremely patient and her classes are fantastic. While the focus of the lessons is Tajweed, she also touches on understanding and connecting with the verses. Highly recommended for ladies of all ages and capabilities.”

Student 2
“Learning to read with tajweed has been a journey. Aapa Ruqayya is an encouraging and kind teacher who never makes you feel inadequate. Always smiling and patient. It’s a comfortable safe environment where no one judges you. Where we all support and help each other in our journey to read Allah’s words as they should be read. I was so afraid to expose how ignorant I was and how badly I read;  I was so ashamed. But I’m so thankful that Allah gave me the courage. Believe me it took a lot of courage to pitch up for that first class! I am more proud of my results in this tajweed class than any of my A’s in matric or my university degree. I can confidently read out aloud, something I never did before. It’s great being able to help my kids too. Please try the class – it’s life changing.”

Student 3
“I’ve always wanted to learn the proper way of reciting Quran but never really got to it, when my son started madressa at school I realised I’m not really equipped to teach him if I can’t recite Quran with the proper tajweed.  When i first started the tajweed classes hosted by ILM-SA, I was quite nervous at the thought of others judging me for being such an amateur. On the contrary, sister Ruqayya is such an extremely encouraging & patient teacher! No judgement whatsoever as we all come from the same beginnings. It’s now my favourite thing of the week! I really look forward to class every Tuesday & in sha Allah aspire to continue.”

Student 4
I  started  tajweed classes  realising that my  tajweed was far from perfect.  Alhamdulillah, I cannot express the joy I  find  when I  recite the Quran now, trying to articulate each letter correctly.  Alhamdulillah I could not have  achieved this without the encouragement  and patience of  Muallimah Ruqayya.”

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