DBN: Mothers of the Nation

DBN: Mothers of the Nation

In this course, the modern Muslimah reflects on the lives of the Prophets wives.  Extremely insightful. Equipping you with different perspectives to deal with the challenges of life. This course is for men and women.

Date: 6 May 2018
Venue: Old Al Ansaar Hall
Time: 8:30 am to 18:00 pm
Register online: www.alkauthar.org or watsapp 0820600031
Email: Durban@alkauthar.org

What will you learn?


The trials of a Muslimah trying to affirm her Islamic Identity in a century where she is burdened by society’s perception of how she should look, think and act is no easy feat. The role of being a mother, wife, student and career woman in the present-day world, is undoubtedly accompanied by the feeling of inadequacy and self-doubt. The 21st century woman finds herself in a constant struggle with herself.

Key Highlights

Through the back drop of the lives of the mothers of the believers, we will address:

  • The rights of women in marriage and divorce
  • Gender roles
  • Her contribution in shaping her family and her society
  • Questions around Polygamy
  • Feminine sexuality
  • Female slavery

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