Dawah Power – More Pearls of Wisdom

Dawah Power – More Pearls of Wisdom

Beautiful pearls of Wisdom from the johannesburg course

  1. Give da’wah to the human, not to the judgement
  2. Don’t judge your da’wah by the amount of shahada’s you get. Just pass the message on. Initiate da’wah into your conversation.
  3. Despite how busy the Prophet (SAW) was- a husband, father, defender, messenger- Nabi (SAW) still had time for the people who others forgot about.
  4. There are no impossibilities when it comes to duaa. Empathy leads to sincerity. Sincerity means that whenever you fall – whether in life, Deen, da’wah – you bounce right back to Allah.
  5. The best of humbling oneself is by doing da’wah.
  6. “Subhanallah, the positive power of this course: On Friday night after a hectic week at work, I went to sleep and woke up late on Saturday having missed Fajr. On Sunday morning, I woke up at 04:30, an hour before Fajr adhan and couldn’t sleep as I feared I would miss the opportunity to communicate with my Lord”
  7. WOW, If you don’t have Ikhlaas, you don’t have Islam. Ikhlaas is to do every action with the purpose gaining Allah the Almighty’s sublime pleasure
  8. Whoever seeks to compete with your religion, compete with him (Hasan al Basri)
  9. The Sahabah (RA) were all different, but they used their characteristics to spread Islam
  10. Use your da’wah to develop yourself and others to go out onto the battlefield
  11. Nothing can be achieved through da’wah efforts without Du’a. Allah hears your Du’a
  12. Da’wah is not something abstract. Subhanallah, it is a concrete thing, an activity, a conversation….
  13. Human beings have an internal radar. Use this… use your personality to attract others to Deen. Let them pick up the real you on their radar, not someone else trying to model humility. You can have a personality and be humble
  14. 6 Million Muslims are leaving Islam every year and we haven’t woken up to this reality
  15. Knowing Allah’s oneness empowers you to do the things you think you can’t do
  16. Da’wah: A none risk management. Passion breeds passion
  17. There are two useless days in your life- Yesterday, for it is gone and tomorrow, for there is no guarantee of it
  18. Humility is not to be a zombie and degrade yourself but to be yourself and stand firm with dignity, without pride and arrogance
  19. Fear is temporary but regret lasts forever
  20. Listen with the intent to understand
  21. Da’wah defines who you are! If you truly believe that we want what is best for ourselves and for others, then we must give da’wah. If you believe God is all wise, and then you must believe that there is wisdon behind everything Allah does
  22. Nothing great can be achieved in the field of da’wah if you want it to be all about you
  23. Don’t ignore the weak around you. Don’t get so caught up in achieving a goal that you end up side-lining others. Love thoughtfully
  24. Live the life, Allahu Akbar!
  25. The da’ee has to expel his excessive individualism in order to bring others to Islam, Allahu Akbar
  26. Deal with others as a blank canvas. Forget the drama! Don’t give da’wah to the judgement you are making of other sin your mind
  27. Live with passion, Allahu Akbar!
  28. The minimum gratitude you owe to Allah is not to abuse His bounties by disobeying Him
  29. We are always indebted to Allah! The more grateful we are, the more he gives to us!

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  1. Zerox...

    am a girl and cant go out for dawah …so i use mIRC channels for this…and send people verses of any Surah … 1 by 1….thats sumthing i think can be helpfull for da’ees


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