Dawah Power – Pearls of Wisdom

Dawah Power – Pearls of Wisdom

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Pearls of wisdom are great bits of advice, one liners, and quotes from the course. Read on 🙂

  1. Leadership was not the way of the sahaba. They were reluctant.
  2. Dawah mentality is a spirit
  3. True sincerity means that we should be calling to Islam continuously and tirelessly
  4. To be effective in Dawah we should genuinely want to save people from the Hell Fire.
  5. Consider the inevitable consequence of being a disbeliever. Reflect on the quraanic verses about the Hell Fire.
  6. Be a person of empathy
  7. Paradise is a big place, we want everyone there
  8. Don’t have waswassa for your ikhlaas
  9. Allah (swt) is elevating your status if you call towards Allah and do righteous deeds
  10. Ponder the vast benefits of giving dawah. Pleasure of dawah is adding to life.
  11. Financially pyramid schemes don’t work, but they do spiritually
  12. 12. 90 years after Nabi SAWS’s demise the Muslims were across the globe. But it took 90 years to repair Masjid un Nabawi that was dripping with water. Buildings mean nothing. Some mosques are as dead as graveyards. Buildings are just water and bricks. It is how you use it that courts
  13. When engaging with Christians. Understand your audience. Nabi Isa (AS) is mentioned 25 times in the Quraan
  14. Any conversation can be a Dawah conversation
  15. Christians believe in God with blind faith. The quraan tells us to use our minds and to reflect and ponder. Quraan is not a philosophy book
  16. The universe is like a hotwaterbottle therefore it must have a beginning
  17. The quantum vacuum is not nothing. It is something. It is energy
  18. God exists
  19. Arguing from ignorance is a fallacy. Everything is based on Allah’s wisdom, even if you don’t know what that wisdom is.
  20. The quraan is not a view of 7th century Arabia
  21. The quraan is the most eloquent of all speeches and achieves the peak of excellence. The quraan cannot be imitated, even non-muslims agree to this.
  22. The quraan gave Arabian society and poets a challenge.
  23. Modern day Arabic has linguistic degeneration
  24. Science is not the yardstick for truth
  25. Scientism is that everything must be proven by science. It is self defeating. Science can’t prove morality of historical truths
  26. Imagining the stace of peoples aakhira is a very powerful way of motivating us to give dawah
  27. You should want islam for others
  28. Love the shahadah
  29. A women who doesn’t worship Allah is a slave to and imprisoned by her ego
  30. Ikhlaas liberates you!
  31. If you do things for the sake of Allah (swt) , you will get reward
  32. Reciting the quraan  has become a mechanical activity
  33. Connect with the quraan
  34. Have the right companions and keep the company of good
  35. Do something good everyday that no one (except Allah) knows about
  36. People can be atheist as a result of emotional problems
  37. Towhid is a filtering process
  38. You will not truly believe until you love for your brother, what you love for yourself.
  39. The fire of Hell is 70 times hotter than the fire of this world
  40. DAWAH: calling people from the narrowness of this world to the vastness of the Aakhira,Alhamdulillah!
  41. Link everything back to tawheed
  42. DAWAH gives: ‘Life upon Life’, ‘Purpose upon Purpose’
  43. The power if ikhlaas is to turn a mechanical action into an act to glorify Allah and earn rewards
  44. Include those who have been forgotten in your duas
  45. Every opportunity is a dawah opportunity
  46. Free will or free choice has been given to us as a point of morality
  47. The knowledge of Allah is timeless
  48. When you walk to Allah Almighty He comes running toward you.
  49. If you are not connected to Allah then you are going to be connected to other than Allah
  50. If we do not have ikhlaas (sincerity), we have nothing
  51. Muslims should be people of substance, not people who own buildings of substance
  52. Where you see Rahmah, you should see Islam (ibn ul-qayyim)
  53. We believe the atheist is cold, arrogant etc and thus already have pre-conceived perceptions about him. When we give dawah, give dawah to the human being and not based upon our judgement of them or their values.
  54. Islam is not abstract. Islam is not a concept. It is the way we live
  55. The reference point for a woman in Islam is not a man, but Allah

57. Dawah Pointers to oneself:

–          Remind yourself of ikhlaas

–          Seek refuge in allah from shaytaan

–          Make dua to allah, he controls hearts

–          Ask yourself the right questions. Are you doing this for show or are you doing this for the sake of Allah.


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