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Hajj 2012

  As the time to Hajj draws closer, we have highlighted all our previous hajj posts on your homepage for your accessibility. Hajj Series Haidh and Menstruation Useful Arabic phrases for Hajj Immigration, Makkah, Madina, Ziyaarah 5 Days of Hajj Stay tuned for additions to this...

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Zaakirah is derived from the root word Zikr which means to remember Allah (swt). Zaakirah means a female who remembers Allah(swt). May we all be women who remember Allah...

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Twitter Satire: #RamadanMovies

I am taking for granted that you are familiar with twitter, a social media platform that shares information in 140 characters or less. See wikipedia for more info. Hashtags are used as a tracking/tagging method on twitter to streamline relevant information to be search friendly. Follow the hashtag #RamadanMovies for some Ramadan Satire How it works: you take the title of a movie and tweak it in keeping with Ramadan. Its had some funny results. #RamadanMovies: The fasting & the furious Eat, Pray, Love, Taraweeh Charlie & the dhaltjie factory The Ramadan Redemption No Drinks Attached Eternal sunset of...

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