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Ramadan Photo a Day Challenge 2014

Ramadan Photo a Day on Facebook brings to you a Challenge for 2014. For each object, action, thought and feeling, there is an equal partner. It is in reflecting on this very pairing that we begin to understand the threads that cradle a balance between all things. Allah says, “And of everything We have created pairs; so that you may reflect.” [51: 49] May our pondering on the duality of existence, inspire each and every one of us towards the art of reflection. And may our reflection, deepen our understanding of ourselves and our Creator. Join the challenge on...

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Good Deeds vs Bad Deeds

We should always conceal our good deeds. Judging others by their bad deeds is an injustice to that person. Always inspect yourself and your intentions first. Yet another brilliant cartoon from ‘The Muslim Show’ Source:...

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Muslimah Friendly Facebook Groups

Groups for Muslim Women only : – Muslimah Gardeners & Enthusiasts A vibrant group to share your green adventures. It’s all about green, healthy and natural here so please feel free to share your garden tips and tricks as well as your explorations for health naturally! feel free to add like minded muslimahs to the group! Ps: Don’t forget to post pictures of all your fabulous plants! The Pregnant Muslimah A closed group that allows you privacy to discuss your pregnancy concerns, advice and more. Hijab & Niqab Support Group Share your hijab find, trends and woes in this...

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Ramadan Photo a Day Challenge 2013

Follow the annual Ramadan photo a day challenge on Facebook. It’s an open group so all you require is a facebook account to view the pictures. Many people contribute globally, by taking pictures or uploading a picture relevent to the topic of the day. 2013’s Ramadan theme is called ‘Shared Values’ Be sure to update your pictures and join the challenge this ramadan....

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