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Site: Global Muslim Women

Global Muslim Women is a great site that shares information from The Noble Quran, The Hadiths, The Sharia, The Sunnah and the teachings of the 4 madhabs. The writers are all motivated ladies with intention to learn and guide those who are wanting to know more about Islam & the beauty of Islam and Woman. The site has in interesting Q&A section that explorers and demystifies many questions. There’s a wonderful section on hijab, and hijaabi experiences were women have shared their transition to Hijab. View their Facebook Fanpage for a nice hive of inspiration...

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Audio Quraan for BlackBerry

Ramadan! The month of the Quraan. We all take measures to increase our connection with the lucid book. For those who wish to listen to the audio on their BlackBerry please check out the link ~   Instructions: Bookmark the link Select reciter Select a surah. Download /...

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Site Pick of the week: also found on Tumblr We think in pictures! Who doesn’t like  good pictures, quotables and quirky flowcharts? Often finding great islamic ones are rare, so this site is an absolute gem! Masha-allah! What is this? A graphic that presents data and knowledge. Islam + Infographic = Islamographic ! See more:#I want to be a Better Muslim | #How to gain tranquility in prayer #Advantages of Wearing Hijab   |#Tree of Manner     But Why? It’s one the most appealing, fun + easiest way to learn. From complex into simple… See more:  #Beating Procrastination...

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Twitter Trends : # LifeIsTooShortTo

What’s so ‘islamic’ about twitter trends? Nothing? The reality is that we should learn to turn every type of conversation into a Dawah Conversation! Lets find ways to reach out to people accross the globe and inspire them. Can you Islamify Twitter? This week saw  a quaint hashtag trending ##LifeIsTooShortTo … As muslims we constant need to be aware of Life being short and that we are striving for a good Aakhira. Here are our 20 bits of Inspiration. What’s yours? Feel free to comment below 🙂 #LifeIsTooShortTo want to wear the Hijab SOMEDAY! Let today be that someday!...

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We’re Launching a Tech Muslimah Series

How do you as a muslimah interact with technology?  How should you choose a good avatar? What fanpages are great on facebook? Who to follow on twitter? What blogs are you reading? Where is your source of online inspiration to stir your soul?  To address these topics  we’re brainstorming a Tech Muslimah Series to ensure our readers are Muslimah’s 2.0. We live in an era where digital communication rules a lot of our lives. Everything from social media to banking, computers, the internet and even mobile phones. It is imperative to keep up to date with the changes in...

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