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Tech Muslimah’s Favourite Quran App

Looking for a wonderful Quran app with multi-functions to enhance your Quran experience? The Qamar apps 13 line Quran is our favorite go to app for when the Mus’haf (hard copy of the Qran) is out of reach, or we want to engage with the Quran without needing to locate multiple resources. This an amazingly versatile app that allows you to: Observe and implement the colour-coded Tajweed Rules or Plain Black text Bookmark anywhere Easy  Navigation For the Meaning of the Ayah just press and hold the ayah for options. English Translation by Sahih International Translations available for other...

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Tech Muslimah: TED App

We need to stretch our minds a little beyond our social media boundaries of Facebook, Twitter, and even reading the same thoughts on repeat. Exposure is the key to unlocking your mind to different topics and what’s going on in the world. I have found TED Talks to be an exceptionally enlightening way to stretch ones general knowledge, and understanding of the world beyond the news and Social Media Hives. What is a TED Talk? TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED began in 1984...

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Tech Muslimah: Ramadan Tips

Here are some great Ramadan tips for the Tech Muslimah. Ramadan is a month to maximise ibaadah and connecting with the creator, giving charity, maximising the benefit of our time, and focus on our spirituality. These tips will enable you to detach from tech consumption, and focus your time and energy into other aspects of Ramadan. Maximise your ibadah and duas, whilst minimizing technology and media...

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Actions equal to Hajj reward

It is that time of year where the Huajjaaj are all embarking on their blessed journey of Hajj. Those who are left behind may be reminiscing their own hajj, or longing for when they will return to the holy lands, some maybe praying for their call to the baitullah and others may be disheartened that they do not meet the basic conditions for embarking on hajj.   Dhikr – 33 x Subhanallah, 33 x Allahu Akbar, 33 x Alhumdulillah Abu Hurayrah reported: The poor came to the Messenger of Allah and said: “Oh, Messenger of Allah, the wealthy have...

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Hajj of the Prophet SAWS

The blessed days of Hajj are nearing with many hujaaj having already left to embark on this blessed journey. May Allah swt accept their efforts and their Hajj.  Allahummah ameen. It’s an amazing time for us to brush up on our own knowledge of Hajj as well as learn about the Hajj that was performed by Nabi SAWS. This webinar replay is available for your viewing. Click to view : Webinar : Hajj of the Prophet SAWS by Islamic Online University’s webinar series Pleasee share with your friend and family who are embarking on Hajj....

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