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Hajj Series: Haidh (Menstruation)

Disclaimer: Muslimah(Life)Style holds no accountability for any health complications resulting from you implementing our pointers. One of the worrying aspects of hajj considering women is the topic of menstruation. This post is very close to the time of hajj so it will not be sufficient to advise on control options in relation to delaying ones cycle.  We’ll be steering clear of the Fiqh aspects of this as there is a difference of Opinion but the majority prefer to delay or alter their cycle so that it does NOT coincide with the 5 Hajj Days. This of course depends on...

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Help: Hajj 2011

Assalaamu Alaykom Hajj is a very important pillar of Islam, and it needs to be given adequate preparation – be it phsyical, or psychological. Drawing on my own hajj trip last year, i recall lots of anxiety and worry over the trip but Alhumdulillah, Allah is most kind and everything came together very well.  There will be afew hajj posts but unfortunately we have not sufficiently catered for this topic on Muslimah(Life)Style. Should you be in need of any assistance  as regards pointers and tips please email me on our administration account: style[dot][at]gmail[dot]com Insha-Allah we’ll be rolling out our pointers this week. Regards, Hasina...

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Hajj Series: Labbaik by Waahid

As part of our hajj series , we’d like to share this track with you. Track: Labbaik Artist: Waahid – A South African group. Follow them on Facebook: WaahidSA Why do we like it? Instruments are not used in this track, but that’s some good beatboxing. We love local talent! Its catchy, vibey, current and reminds us of the once in a lifetime journey of hajj....

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Hajj Series: Pre-lude

Dear Readers and sisters embarking on Hajj, Hajj is one of the fundamental pillars of islam for those who are able.  Time is drawing closer and many sisters are gearing up to embark on this journey of a life time. Muslimah(Life)Style wishes to share in your joy of being the guest of Allah SWT, and hopes that our series of upcoming posts will equip you with the information you need in order to pack, gear yourself mentally,  dealing with menstruation/haidh on hajj, key words and arabic phrases to assist you on your hajj, as well as offer you the...

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