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Free eBook: The End of the World

There are many signs of the hour that have come to pass, and the coming of the Prophet SAWS as well as his demise were from amongst these signs. There are many minor signs that have become apparent in the recent years, and with the advent of craters being found in the earth, earthquakes becoming more apparent, buildings that fill up the skyline and emerge into the clouds – its is a shocking reality to collate all of these everyday happenings and view it from a different perspective. We find that the Scholars and Jurists are now placing emphasis...

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ProjectHygiene fully endorses this iniative and encourages our readers to give generously. Insha Allah Personal Hygiene is something we take for granted, yet there are many individuals who cannot afford basic requirements like soap, razors, toilet paper or even feminine hygiene products.  Cleanliness is a fundamental part of day to day life for everyone. This is your opportunity to get involved in #ProjectHygiene.  This initiative, #ProjectHygiene is still in infancy stages and is headed up by 2 young ladies, Natheefah Maroof  and Naseera Mohamed (view flyer for their contact details) A donation of R70 is enough to comprise one...

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