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Ramadan Dua Toolbox: The Ultimate Ramadan Dua’ List

Ramadan is the month to give heart to our duas. Muslimahlifestyle has found this amazing list by Shaykh Navaid Aziz comprising of 7 dua’s from the Quran and Sunnah. We have decided to share it with you. Print out or save on your mobile device for ease of accessibility. It would be ideal to print this list (or have it on your phone) and keep it handy at the time of iftar. Likewise, please add to your list anything else that you would like, especially that which your heart desires. For your convenience I have included the Arabic, English...

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Ramadan Dua Toolbox: Beautiful Ramadan Dua

This Beautiful Dua was by Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim. May Allah swt bless him and grant him the best of this world and the next. I pray that Allah forgives us all our errors & blesses us with a life changing #Ramadan Ya Allah You alone is worthy of my worship & praise. Ya Allah I begin by asking You to send Your Eternal blessing upon the final Messenger Muhammed. I ask You by the Holiness of the Quran and its recitation, the sanctity of the Kaaba and its pure location; I ask by the sacredness of the Month of...

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