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Lessons from the Stories of the Prophets in the Quraan by Mufti Menk – Introduction

This Ramadan 2011 Tafseer series is originally posted by Du’aa a Day on Facebook. – A transcript of Mufti Ismail Menk’s post Taraweeh Series in Cape Town, South Africa Shared on 1 August 2011 – See original الحمد لله و كفى و صلى الله و سلّم و بارك على عباده الذين اصطفى و بعد  All praise is due to Allah Subhana Wa ta’aala, Blessings and salutations upon Muhammad SAW Thereafter, Introduction We were all created by Allah the Lord and Sustainer of the Worlds. The One who made us and Created us and He who is in absolute control...

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Back to Basics: Convictions of being Muslim

What’s eating the ummah? Ramadan does not equate starving, it is a means feed your soul and ground yourself back to Islam. There are so many social, moral and psychological issues plaguing the ummah, yet by the mercy of Allah SWT we find ourselves blessed with another Ramadan, a chance to repent, to ground ourselves in deen and aspirations to be better muslims. On a day to day level, as people, we are afflicted with so many challenges. Everyone is at a different point in their imaan actualization. Some individuals are very strong and steadfast. Some individuals are struggling to establish their salah, some are struggling with hijab, and some are finding Ramadan to be a huge challenge and unable to annihilate ones nafs. Sometimes we need to shed our issues and confusion and go back to basics, by internalizing the fundamentals of Islam. For Ramadan and beyond we need to with conviction, attempt to fulfill the rights of being Muslim.   Fasting is a pillar of faith, but being Muslim is more than just fasting. The 5 pillars of islam are the fundamentals. These points of obligation cannot be stressed on enough. Kalimah Salah Zakah Fasting (in Ramadan) Hajj Daily we should recite our shahada and pray our 5 salah. Most people opt to give out their zakah during the month of ramadan. Fasting in the month of...

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Lift your hands in prayer. Your Lord is Ever-Attentive

There are moments in life, when despairing of hope and frustrated by the circumstances we are in or the hardships we face, we sit on our prayer mat overcome with tears. It is that moment that we are closest to our Allah. For Allah is pleased when His slave begs of Him (Ta’aala). This begging, laying bare of our worries is a clear manifestation of dependance on Allah. At this time we are testifying that no human has the ability and power to assist us. We are testifying the Greatness of our Powerful Lord. Allah Ta’aala says in the Holy Quraan: And...

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Epic Journey: Gems from Surah Yusuf

Truly An Epic Journey, topics covered ranged from Importance & Duties to parents and other blessings from Allah to How to deal with Jealousy and controlling ones nafs. Some great Pearls of Wisdom from various students for your benefit InshaAllah! Allah will never let the efforts of a doer of good go unrewarded, Do not ever feel like your good deeds have gone unnoticed. Allah is All Knowing, All Seeing If shaytaan cannot attack you fully he will attack you partially. It is not sufficient to be inspired….INSPIRE YOURSELF INTO ACTION. Light illuminates but focused light cuts through steel. You can...

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