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10 Favourite Arabic Expressions

  Source   These are 10 wonderful arabic expressions to implement into your vocabulary, to teach to your children. This pictorial is simple to follow with arabic as well as transliteration and  English text which makes it easy to grasp. See also : Arabic Pleasantaries for Dummies – a great article consisting of arabic pleasantaries which are part of a muslims general...

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Misconceptions about Islam

There are many common misconceptions about Islam which exist and need to be addressed. Some of them are questions such as: Are all muslims Arab? Do Muslims worship the moon? This wonderful Infographic addresses these questions. Source:...

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Infographic: 10 Muslimah Productivity tips

As women we play many roles in our daily lives and have jannah as our goal. This infographic brings to you 10 tips to become a productive muslimah. Enhance your life the islamic way by following these tips and implementing them into your life. Renew your intentions, plan your time, self awarenes and reflection, learning and striving to be better, and to be of benefit to the ummah. If you are a mom, instill these qualities into your daughters so they too can lead productive lives in the light of Islam. By implementing these pointers you can align your...

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