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Ramadan Deeds While in Haidh/Nifaas

**A FEW PRACTICAL SUGGESTIONS OF GOOD DEEDS A MUSLIMAH CAN DO WHILST MENSTRUATING/POSTNATAL BLEEDING** There is reward in helping and being in the service of other people. This too is a type of worship and means of drawing closer to Allah Most High. If everyone is busy in personalized worship – superogatory prayers and recitation of Qur’an, then who will have time to assist their brother or sister in their needs, help the poor or hungry, and take care of other problems and issues of the community and society? The Prophet SAW said, “Allah is in the service/assistance of...

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4 things for a Remarkable Ramadan

With Ramadan on our doorsteps there is a bustle of preparation – freezers being stocked for savouries, others making sure their Eid outfits are ready well in advance, and of course there are many who are spending time in sincere introspection on how to maximize benefit during this month. Here are 4 things to do to make you Ramadan remarkable. It is a great focus point to ponder over and begin to psych yourself up to attain the best of this...

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6 things that corrupt the heart

“The heart becomes corrupt in six ways: (1) Committing sins in the hope of repenting, (2) Practice without ikhlaas (sincerity), (3) Seeking knowledge and not applying it, (4) Burying the dead without learning from them, (5) Not being pleased with Allaah’s decree, (6) Eating the sustenance of Allaah; without appreciating Him.” ~ Hasan Al Basree...

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