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10 Niqabi Tips

The transition into niqab comes with its own set of challenges. We bring you 10 Valuable Niqabi tips to make your life a little easier and alot more niqabi friendly. 1. Sneezing Sneezes are never planned. They catch you out and can leave you uncomfortable. Do not sneeze in your niqaab. Especially a ‘spray-sneeze’ – your niqab will stick to your face and be damp for some time afterwards. It’s very uncomfortable. Try to distance the niqab from your face as you’re about to sneeze or place a hand between your niqaab and your face. 2. Marylin Monroe Niqab...

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The Ramadan Hijabi

Ramadan is here! The days are  going by and the the internet is abuzz with many ways to maximise benefit of this glorious month. Ramadan, the month of the Quraan, the month of forgiveness, the month of Change. Subhanallah. We wade through life and often find ourselves questioning, ‘where do we resuscitate belief’. It has become so easy to get lost in a world that has turned us apologetic about islam, and our identity as Muslims. Ramadan the month of change should allow us the beautiful opportunity to assimilate our thoughts, to realign ourselves to the commands of Allah...

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Niqab for Beginners: Dealing with Prejudice

Guest Post by Zaakirah Kadwa More in this Series:  Deciding to Wear the Niqab and Steps to Wearing the Niqab Depending on where you live in the world, often donning the niqab is subjected to a great deal of prejudice and responsibility. The beauty of the niqab and the reason for which is is worn, is often not fully understood by everybody. Non-Muslims especially and surprisingly many Muslim too…. Both men as well as women – Are often confused about the niqab. Questions which are often asked: 1. Why do you wear it? 2. Do you wear it at...

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Niqab for Beginners: Steps to wearing the Niqab

Guest post by Zaakirah Kadwa See our first post:  The Decision to wear the niqab It is preferable not to rush into wearing the niqab without  acknowledging the responsibility that wearing it entails. It is a means of placing a physical curtain  or screen between you and men, distancing yourself from unwanted attention as well as a manifestation of your spirituality. The benefits are numerous but most essentially you are adopting the niqab, to honour and uphold the islamic practise of segregation between the genders. By concealing your beauty you are protecting yourself from lustful gazes, molestation and being...

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