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Introducing our ‘Hijab for Beginners’ Series

You may feel overwhelmed if you consider an overnight transition into full hijab – these are normal feelings one experiences. There are many questions ‘what is appropriate?’ , ‘where do i start?’.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, it will fall into place with the conviction to observe the modest hijab dressing. We are striving to put together a Hijab for beginners series where we will address the various aspects of  hijab dressing and the concerns that sisters have when considering this positive change. Keep an eye out for these posts: Hijab Disclaimer Virtues of hijab 3o Excuses for...

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Rekindling Hijab Awareness

Often it is difficult to wrap ones mind around the concept of hijab. Beyond it being one of the laws for muslimahs to follow, there are personal reactions that influence our mental construct of hijab. Part of what draws a woman to hijab and allows to her to take that step into donning it, is the increasing awareness and desire for modesty. Her spirituality is heightened and as a result she seeks out all the ways in which she can declare love for the Creator. Women have undoubtedly been gifted with one of the most beautiful forms amongst creation....

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More excuses for not wearing the Hijab

Some sisters cant wear hijab, others are forced to take it off, while others fight for the right. These “Excuses don’t change reality”, They lend to a false sense of comfort in disobedience of Allah (The Most Great) Excuse #1 I don’t wear Hijab because it reduces the chance of me finding a husband. –         the kind of man you want to attract should be a righteous one who will love you AND your hijab, which is a symbol of obedience to Allah Almighty Excuse #2 My parents/ Husband don’t mind me NOT wearing Hijab/ prefer me not wearing...

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Hijab for Beginners: 30 Excuses for not wearing the scarf

As part of our Hijab for beginners series we’ve touched on the challenges that experienced by Muslimahs as well as some of the thoughts that surface when pinning ones hijab.This website is for you, the muslimah sisterhood. We are all bonded by the Shahada yet our lives follow very different, some struggle with wearing the scarf while for others it has been easy. We have crowd-sourced from amongst our readers for this post, so spot your excuse. Thank you for all those who have contributed with reference to yourselves, others, your opinions, outlook and views. May Allah swt grant you all...

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Beginners Guide to Hijab: Hijab Disclaimer

As you insert the final pin that will hold your hijab firmly in place, you are brimming with the light of Imaan. Your face illuminated with noor. Round and radiant like the full moon. There is no bitterness. You feel enlightened and empowered. With that flowing scarf upon your head, you are ready to take on the world… But no one ever mentions the difficulty that you will encounter when you step out of your bedroom door. No one mentions the opposition you will face. Not just from people who are not Muslim but from those who are. Sometimes...

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