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DBN & JHB: AlMustafa – The Chosen One

Al Mustafa : The Chosen ONE. DBN – 18-19 February 2017 JHB – 11-12 March 2017 Register:   How beautiful was he (sullallahu alayhi wa sallam) to behold? What teachings did he (sullallahu alayhi wa sallam) stress most? With the Ummah so far from his teachings, how can we reclaim his inspiration? He experienced in his 63 years of blessed life more tribulation than a cohort. He, (sullallahu alayhi wa sallam), was an orphan, a widower, battle scarred, and unjustly outcast. He outlived many of his children and buried some of his grandchildren. He, (sullallahu alayhi wa sallam)...

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Webinar: Whatever Tomorrow Brings

  What does it mean to rely upon Allah (tawakkul)? Does it mean we do nothing and wait for Allah’s decree to fall on us? Does it mean we don’t take any chances and blame it upon what has already been written against our names under the guise of “fate”? Where do we draw the link between relying upon Allah and doing hard work from our end to achieve something? What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we say “tawakkul”? Did you know there are 4 pillars for tawakkul? We at Islamic Online University present...

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CPT: World of the Unseen

A journey from the life of this world to the life of the Hereafter. Learn about the signs of the last hour, the inevitable death we all face and the transition from this world to the hereafter. After you leave this world, you will enter another. A world you cannot see and yet it is a fundamental part of our belief. How can you begin to imagine this world? In this course you will learn about how Allah and then our Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa-sallam) describes the sequence of events beginning from the signs of the Hour, the Day...

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Yay! We have a new THEME!

We’ve done it! Thanks to our Amazing webmaster (You can look him up here : SP Online Solutions). We have a new theme, and there’s nothing like a new metaphoric hijab for our site to make us feel fabulous about the amazing days ahead. Muslimah Lifestyle will be exploring many great endeavors soon. Stay tuned. We always love hearing what our readers have to say,  so drop up a message in the comments section. Let us know what you think of our...

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DBN: Arabic Introductory / Marathon

Are you Durban based and keen to explore arabic or begin studies in arabic? Al Huda Institute will be hosting an Arabic Introductory Course or an Arabic Marathon course which covers lessons 1-13 of the Madinah University Syllabus. See image for...

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