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Umm Zakiyyah Tour South Africa

Author, writer, speaker – The Umm Zakiyyah South Africa tour takes place this October in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. Events include book signing, writers workshop, teachers workshop. Author bio can be found here: UZ Author. com Click here if you’re interested in purchasing physical tickets  NB: this link will redirect you away from Click here to view more. NB: this link will redirect you away from...

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Muslim DNA Pearls of Wisdom

    – The closer you are too the prophet saws and ambiyaa AS, the more hardship you will go through. – Muslims have no free time. Islam does not go on holiday. – Enjoying life does not prevent us from preparing for the Aakhira. – Continue learning and not only from one person. – n every trutg there are multiple truths. – life teaches lessons by what happens to us – Set your goals, see your goals, monitor yourself. – Blessed is the one who is so focused on correcting one’s own deficiencies and faults, that there is...

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Review: Muslimah Today 2017

Muslimah Today is our annual MUST ATTEND event. A great hive of information, mixed with networking, collaborating, deen and more. The 2 day conference is packed with great sessions that have something for everyone, irrespective of where you are in your life or your understanding of the Deen. Our event review spans afew posts. Here are some images from our weekend with ILMSA...

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PTA Book Launch: A Fellowship of Faith

Traverse a remarkable and refreshing look at Surah Fathiha in “A Fellowship of Faith”  by Allie Khalfe.  His most recent publication is by far one of the most interesting journeys to expand your understanding of Surah Fatihah.  Give yourself the gift of elevating your bond with the opener of the Quraan and Majestic  interpretation to enhance your salah. Date: 12 August 2017 Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00PM Venue: Iqra Agencies, No 2 Laudium Plaza, Laudium, Pretoria. Tel: 0123742987 / 0825200786   Escorted by eighty-thousand Angels upon revelation, sūrah Fātiha is sacred to every Muslim and is read at least...

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Healthy Muslimah Summit: Hold on to the Rope of Allah

The Healthy Muslimah Summit is on the way. Unfortunately recordings are only available for 24 hours. Here are the notes as well as the presentation images. Amazing insight on Day 2 – Exploring Emotional Health. Sister Na’ima B. Roberts, of SISTERS Magazine presented: “Hold on to the Rope of Allah” Have Yaqeen that things will be ok. Sometimes u don’t really want the test that Allah swt gives you. Have hope and belief that Allah swt wants good for you, makes the grief lighter. There’s a reason why those who have left, why they are gone. But there’s a...

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