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3 Radiant Ramadan Reminders

3 Radiant Ramadan Reminders is taken from the Ramadan : A Prescribed Eemaan Booster Workshop. This is Part 2 of our Review Series. Read Part 1 here. What does Allah say to us in the quraan about Ramadan? Verses of Surah Baqarah that indicate means of attaining taqwa, being grateful and being rightly guided. View verses below with notes.   1)Basically  fasting gives you – taqwa- وقي -which is to do what Allah wants you do and abstain from what Allah prohibits for fear if you don’t do it than you displease Allah. Taqwa is to protect or shield...

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Event Review |Ramadan : A prescribed Eemaan booster

Ramadan : A prescribed Eemaan booster was a workshop that steered away from the regular pre-ramadan workshops which focus specifically on fiqh and fasting. Instead, this great course was as the name indicated, an eemaan boost not only for Ramadan, but a way to identify the imaan highs and routines to forge and take forward into the rest of the year. As believers we go through highs and lows in our imaan, in our salah, in our lifes when under duress. Do we cry in our salah because we have khushoo or because we feel nothing? There are many...

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Workshop Review: Reclaiming One’s Heart

The reclaim your heart workshop was a great first for Durban Muslimahs, providing an ideal platform for spiritual upliftment, books fanaticism as well as one of healing and collating tools for ones emotional and mental maintenance kit. This was a workshop that created a bond of sisterhood, as well as a desire for more events of this nature. Roshaan Misbach presents well, in a manner that’s easy to identify with irrespective of the level at which you are at. The Reclaim your Heart workshop gives you a great boost to pick yourself up, to want more out of life,...

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Webinar Gems: Envy the overlooked sin

    “The essence of hasad is that you want the other person to lose it and not have it, while you want to acquire it.”   “Hasad is like a cancer. It not only affects you, but it also affects the people around you and the society at a large.”     Hasad(from Ha-Seen-Daal)- A test from Allaah SWT. Desiring that a blessing be removed from someone else and be confined to him alone!Lets appreciate what bounties we have been bestowed with.     “Envy is a ‘shaver’ – it destroys faith.”     “Jealousy destroys good deeds just as the fire...

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Gems: Ornaments of Beauty

What is life asking of me right now, What does allah want of me right now? what am i prepared to sacrifice for allah? how much am i prepared to sacrifice for the rights of my husband. When you find a rise in Muslim Ummah – you also find a rise in the number of great women ~ Muslema Purmel 🙂 ‘We do not need to look to movements to stand up for our rights as females, all we need to do is look to Islam.’ – Alima Ashfaq #Ornaments of beauty Ustadah Zainab al Ghazel was blessed with...

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