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Review: Tafseer Surah Taha

Tafseer Surah Taha is a gripping and rivetting journey through the chronicles of Nabi MUSA AS (The prophet moses)  Presented by Shaykh Muhammed West of the Alkauthar Institute. The course begins by focussing the students understanding on the meaning of the word Tafseer and conceptualizing why we need to explore tafseer of the Chapters of the Noble quraan – paying heed to setting, time of revelation, the themes and messages in the Surah. It is immensely important to take lessons from the chapters of the quraan and try to understand the bearing these lessons have in current context of...

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Journey Through the Quraan – Convention Review

The Journey through the Quraan Convention in Durban,  was intense, spanning 4 days and exploring mindmaps, thematic studies of the quraan and words. A grasp of words from the Quraan is undoubtedly a level up on ones understanding the message of the quraan, as well as a means for us to bond with the message of Allah swt contained within those pages. It’s first and foremost an amazing book to have on ones coffee table, and secondly its the type of book that is so well structured and diverse in its ability to capture the attention of any reader....

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Review: Al Mustafa – Pearls of Wisdom

The difference between Jannah and Jahannam is La ilaha il allah Dawah- choose your moment, consider a time when dawah is appropriate The messenger of Allah says ‘Fear Allah wherever you are, and afer committing sins follow it with a good deed’ Zayd (ra) was given to Nabi (s) as a gift by Khadeejah ‘ The world is but a provision and the best provision of the world is a righteous woman’ Gained beneficial knowledge-The reason we make dua for Nabi (s) after the adhaan- Wasseellah and Fadheellah-Highest place in Jannah Do not be sad, Allah is with us-...

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Review : Al Mustafa – The Chosen One

Don’t simply  learn the Sunnah, LIVE the Sunnah! How is this possible? Often we encounter the Seerah as historic information, but to allow the Sunnah to filter into our lives requires extracting pertinent information followed by action. AlMustafa – The Chosen One is a unique course that gives one insight not only to the life of the Prophet SAWS, but it allows you to encounter the concept of the Sunnah, as a verb. An implementable view of Dawah, strategies, communication, family life, marriage advice and wisdom is presented to the student in a manner that makes it easy to aspire...

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Mirage of Atheism – Pearls of Wisdom

The Mirage of Atheism course by Alkauthar Institute South Africa was definitely an interesting look at the growing rate of Atheism, as well as brought to light pertinent points that should be discussed in terms of Dawah. A course like this is very indepth, and we’ve handpicked afew POWS – Pearls of Wisdom to share with you. Some of us know more quraan than some of the sahaba, but it is what they did with it. Dunya is supposed to break your heart and attach your heart to allah So what if you are slandered? Allah, and the prophet...

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