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Review: RIS 2011 – Part 1

Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conferenceis currently being held in Cape Town. Muslimah(Life)Style is looking forward to showcase snippets from the event in order to enlighten our readers. DVD’s will be out soon Thus far the speakers have exceeded their expectations in engaging the audiences minds and hearts, presenting excellent reminders and advice that casts in stone the theme of the convention ‘Reviving the Islamic Spirit’ and ‘Striking a Balance’. It spurs one to make changes within ones life and tweak ones character, urges one to be set in motion towards deen instead of being complacent in life. It stirs...

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Knowledge Hive SA 2011 – Post #2

Part 2 of our Knowledge Hive review. (Read Part one?) Nearly all of the sessions held such pearls of wisdom which makes one want to change right there and then, but after a week you realize that change takes time and pain. Some pearls for our readers: One is bound to live with two pains The pain of discipline OR The pain of failure YOUR CHOICE Make up your mind and then do whatever it takes!! Hard work wins over talent when talent does not work hard. The more you learn about the Prophet (saw), the more you LOVE...

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Knowledge Hive 2011 Review

Venue: Ezulwinini Berg Resort – Natal Drakenberg Date: 05-10 April 2011 Speakers: Sheikh Yawar Baig, Sheikh Bilal Ismail, Sheikh Tariq Appleby Knowledge Hive is a residential retreat for the serious students of Islamic knowledge. A gathering of the best and most dedicated students and some of the top Al-Kauthar instructors. A rare opportunity to live, eat, pray and spend educational time with the shuyukh in an environment of Imaan, knowledge and constant remembrance of Allah (SWT). It is your opportunity to isolate yourself from the distractions of the dunya and concentrate on mental and spiritual refinement through intensive study...

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My Attitude to Islam as a Woman

Doesn’t this elevate ones awareness? Pray as if  you can see Allah, and if you can’t then know that allah is watching you. Do we only worship Allah on the musallah? We need to internalize the concept of cutting ties. When challenged say: Allah i’m doing this only for  for you. Forgive someone who has oppressed you. The reward of ihsaan  is the face of allah. From: ILMSA’s Striving for Excellence...

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Event Review: Striving for Excellence by ILMSA

Striving for excellence workshop hosted by ILMSA (Institute for Learning and Motivation) on 26 March 2011. A very well structured event, rich in content and inspiration with an undertone of everyday practicality. Speaker: Quraysha Sooliman Quraysha Sooliman studied Islam intensively at a Darul ‘Uloom in Pretoria.  She is presently studying towards an Honours in Political Science at the University of Pretoria, where she also lectures in the same subject. A mother of three, she holds a degree in Journalism, as well as a BA in psychology and criminology. Quraysha authored the book ‘Proudly Muslim’ in 2007 and has been conducting motivational talks and workshops since then. She is a member of the Caring Women’s Forum, MSA Tuks and the Laudium Muslim Women’s Network. As a muslim one should spend each day aiming to better oneself. In this age of fast paced life,  we blur the lines of convictions. The ideals of taqwa become watered down by new definitions. Quraysha Soolimans seminar , striving for excellence, covered the evolution of sociality and morale, clearing out the fuzzy lines and focusing on the ideals of spiritual upliftment. An event like this is difficult to textualise as it holds different meaning for different individuals depending on where they are in their spirituality. However,  there were many gems from the event that were too great not to share. I hope you, the reader,...

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