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Abaya challenges and hilarious side-effects

It is beautiful to see Muslimahs in South Africa and beyond express their femininity and unique style in a manner within the boundaries of Shariah. While there are many items of clothing available that fit the criteria of Hijab, my favourite is the Abaya. The black Abaya is like a blank canvas, a background to express any unique style. A bohemian scarf, a diamond necklace or even funky trainers are all means of adding your stamp to that blank canvas. For those sisters who are fans of this amazing item of clothing, you will be able to relate to...

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Book Launch: Onion Tears by Shubnum Khan

Brilliant debut Novel, Onion Tears by Shubnum Khan was launched at Exclusive books, Gateway on 6 May 2011. The book sees alot of interest piqued from the muslim community, who attended the launch. Khan is accompanied by her mentors who do much justice to presenting Khan’s talent as well as her book to an eager crowd. Kobus Moolmen asks ‘Why do we reach out? What do we reach out for?’ which highlights one of the base elements, of searching for ones identity,  that is embedded in the book. ‘Desire is an engine’ says Moolmen as he speaks of a...

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Every Step Towards the Masjid

I grabbed my white leather jacket and my handbag, the raindrops began peppering me as I hastily made my way towards the road that would lead me to the mosque. The street vendors begin collecting their crates of goods, so as to avoid rain damage. 150 steps to the mosque, I find myself thinking ‘Oh Allah, grant me blessing for every step I take towards the masjid’ , I’m early for Jumuah, but not too early to avoid the weather elements. I brush passed a line of beggars seated on the pavement, two women greet me, i think to delve into my pockets but i know i don’t have enough coins for all of them. I walk on, turning into a small alley that leads me to the female’s section of the masjid, i walk in less hasty steps. I pause to steal a glance at the chandelier in the main section of the mosque, beauty contrasting the ever greying skies. Mum waits at the stairs to the ladies section, and lets me enter first. I feel touched by this gesture. I enter –  three steps in, and I recite the dua for entering the masjid. Mum repeats after me.  We do this by habit. I smile. It’s little moments like these that touch my heart to its core. Dua for Entering the Masjid:    اللهم افتح لى ابواب رحمتك...

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