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Arabic Pleasantaries for Dummies

Are you sometimes confused by Islamic pleasantaries? What does Mashaa-Allah or Inshaa-Allah mean? This post will help you brush up on your arabic pleasantaries as well as learn new ones 🙂  Most Arabic pleasantaries are also duas. Assalaamu ‘Alaikum A greeting made upon meeting a Muslim Translation: Peace be upon you Wa’alaikum Assalaam The response to the greeting above Translation: And peace be upon you Assalaamu ‘Alaikum wa rahmatullah A lengthier formal greeting/supplication to a Muslim Translation: May the peace and mercy of Allah be upon you Wa’alaikum Assalaam wa rahmatullah A response to the formal greeting/supplication above Translation:...

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30 Muslimah Lifestyle Wardrobe Hacks

Look good, Feel good 🙂 Time is of the essence, every one wants to look good without having to spend loads of time staring at their cupboard trying to figure out what to wear. This post is filled with 30 easy hacks to help you get the most out of your time and enhance your closet experience. What to wear today? Everyone is plagued by this and being hijabi or transitioning into full hijab doesnt make it any easier to decide. In this day of stereotypical black abayas and now the infiltration of the pinfree scarves. Don’t forget the...

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Summer Hijabs – 12 Tips on How to avoid the Brain Boil Factor

As a muslim woman, covering your head (including neck and ears) is obligatory. Knowing that this is part of the framework of Islam means that one needs to tweak one’s style to remain within this framework. “How do you accomplish this in blistering hot summer weather, when you’re melting into a puddle and experiencing serious brain boil factor?” Muslimah Life Style has perfect tips to keep you cool while pleasing your creator 🙂 1. Choose breathable, light weight scarves 2. If you’re opting for pinfree scarves, ensure you select the lightweight summer scarves.  These are usually made of poly-viscose...

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The Muslimah Wardrobe: Weed it!

How do you muslimahfy your wardrobe? What should you buy? what should you weed out? Where do you start? It may feel daunting to start a Hijabi wardrobe from scratch. As a first step begin with what’s already in your possession. There’s no need to toss out all your garments, but you will need to identify what is hijab appropriate and what isn’t. For this post lets assume that you are hijabifying your entire existing closet. Separate your clothes into 2 piles: 1) Items you will wear outdoors and in public 2) Items you will wear in the home...

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25 more Hijabi Problems

  You’re not having a bad hair day, you’re having a bad hijab day! My crumbs get stuck in the folds of my hijab. 4 words you don’t want to hear: “Your hair is showing” I really like my new hijab. I kind of want to wear it with everything, everyday. “Are you only allowed to wear your ‘headscarf’ in black?” Um, no. I’m just really lazy & pretend black matches everything… I’m constantly thinking of better ways to organize my hijabs. When non-muslims ask you : ‘What’s that thing on your head’ My hijab is a lice protector...

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