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21 Hijabi Tips for Plus Sized Muslimahs

Are you a Plus Sized Muslimah? Are you more endowed? Do you have trouble finding your way around the hijabi wardrobe when selecting the perfect ensemble? Fret not! We have some amazing tips for you! Women have different body types, from curvy to the more endowed in the chest area. Heavier at the bottom and smaller on the top. The fact that  all women are not the same means improvising and identifying the type of garments that are more hijab appropriate for you and flatter your physique.   21 Hijabi tips for the more endowed, plus sized or lil...

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Hijabi Activewear by Accentuate

Muslimah Lifestyle loves the Sportwear Range from Accentuate Activewear. There are many trendy options and they are recommended as part of our list of  Muslimah Wardrobe Essentials. We love the outdoors and we love fun! A huge happiness crash is inability to find the right sportswear. Nothing screams uncomfortable more than worrying about the lenght and fit of your top, whether your hair is showing, or if the pants you have on are defining your curvy legs. Getting yourself kitted out in these fabulous designs will bypass these worries. Hijabi Activewear is always a mission to find. As Muslimahs...

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Hijab Swag? Hijab Modesty? Aleena is for you

MuslimahLifestyle is always on the lookout for great trends, fashion, and of course fantastic designers labels like Aleena. Aleena is a Cape Town based Proudly South African designer label for the Muslimah who is into modesty and trends. Aleena means Silk of Heaven. Aleena focusses on  the everyday muslimah and brings trendy garments which are age appropriate and fashion centric. The brand boasts 2 fabulous and distinct collections : Hijab Swag & Hijab Modesty. The aim behind Aleena is to inspire young muslim girls to wear Hijab as well as be comfortable and fashionable. Hijab Swag caters for young...

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Dhul-Hijjah Challenge 2014

All new Dhul-Hijjah Challenge 2014! Amazing good deed hack for your aakhira, insha-Allah. Don’t miss out! Join the challenge! ” There are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these ten days.” —  Saheeh Bukhari, 2/457 has launched a brilliang iman lifting challenge for 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah. It’s a great way to accomplish afew simple deeds and Insha-Allah, reap great rewards from the auspiciousness of these days – AND it’s amazingly simple. Sign up here Apologies for having shared this so late into the challenge, but rest assured they’re simple to catch up...

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ITVSA Live : Gaza/Israeli debate with Dr ILan Pappe

In light of the Genocide taking place in Gaza, South Africa currently is honoured to have Dr Ilan Pappe (bio) as a guest. There are many upcoming events that will be posted as information becomes available to MuslimahLifeStyle. It is imperative that you avail yourself to support our ummah in Gaza – your support can be by growing your knowledge on the subject, attending marches, praying, giving charity towards organizations assisting in gaza, boycotting israeli products – to name a few. Professor Ilan Pappe, the famous Israeli historian and activist will be having a two hour debate with one...

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