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Upcoming Event: World House Party Week – Join the Dawah Iniative

World House Party is Your Opportunity To Put Your Hand To The Largest Dawah Initiative of Our Time! World House Party is a campaign that encourages Muslims from around the world to hold fundraising parties, whereby guests donate a nominal amount towards a defined cause like establishing the ‘House of Needy’  or a dawah focuss like in the video below. [youtube=] Sounds good? Is it only for London? NO! South Africa is joining the party from 5-11 DECEMBER 2011. Do you want to get involved? Of course you do. Everywhere we look, there are people in need. Add to...

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Upcoming Event: World of the Unseen

Event by Al-Kauthar  . Online Registration Open Date: 17-18 September  (Starts 8:30AM) Venue: DURBAN – UKZN Westville Date: 24-25 September 2011 Venue: JOBURG – Wits Medical School Cost: ZAR495 Instructor: Isam Rajab After you leave this world, you will enter another. A world you cannot see but is a fundamental part of our belief. How can you begin to imagine this world? In this course you will learn about how Allah and then our Prophet [Salalllahu alaihi wasallam] describes the sequence of events beginning from the signs of the Hour, the Day of Judgement and all that occurs up...

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Announcements: Laylatul Qadr & the last 10 Nights of Ramadan

Asalaamu Alaykom. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Peace and blessing of Allah be upon Nabi Muhammed SAWS, the Ambiyaa before him and to you dear sisters. It is that time of year where we find ourselves in the midst of the auspicious final 10 days & nights of Ramadan. We humbly apologise for our lack of posts and updates. Ramadan has us in a time crunch to maximise our ibadah during the final 10 days of the blessed month. Laylatul Qadr is upon our doors and we should strive to make the most of this time. Draw up your dua list:)...

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Pinning a Scarf

17th January 2009 marks the day I decided to start wearing a scarf – Two weeks before I took my shahadah. I felt so lovely and exotic, covering up… I looked at myself in the mirror and was proud of the lady looking back, draped in scarf and sparkly eyed. I felt as if God had enveloped me; that that cloth was like God’s hands, keeping me safe and giving me strength. I felt so beautiful. The first scarf I bought was milk-chocolate brown, light loosely woven cotton with lines of sequins going length-ways. I didn’t know how to do a scarf properly; I wrapped it over my head a few times. I remember walking out of the shop wearing it, feeling like a different person. It was the proudest feeling, knowing that anyone who looked at me would know that I am a Muslim (or in my case, was seriously considering being a Muslim). Over the next few months I bought many many scarves. It was a lengthy process of trial and error to come to the conclusion that I’m only comfortable wearing black and that certain materials are absolutely useless. I now have drawers full of scarves I’ve never worn… stashed in the hope that one day I’ll have to wear a colourful outfit and might locate the perfectly coordinated colour scarf therein. Perhaps I’ll grow out...

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