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For the Love (of Islam) – Bonaa Mohammed

Love? not that kind of love. This is a brilliant encapsulation of reverence of Allah SWT’s gift to us…Deen al Islam You should only say “I love you” when it is completely obvious, And does not actually need to be said. So I pray to God that I love her, Until my very last breath. Wallahi, she is perfect. Everything about her just makes perfect sense, And every time I get lost or confused, She is a true friend. Ever since I was a child, we used to study on the weekends. I mean some of the brothers liked...

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No Sew Pin Cushion

Hijabi’s are constantly losing or misplacing their pins. Below is a nifty way to make a hijab pin cushion. Requirements: 1 Teacup A pretty piece of fabric Some Stuffing or batting that can be purchased at a fabric store or hobby store A Hair band See below   Source: Reader Contribution found online has no rights over the above...

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Online Conference: Ornaments of Beauty

Redefining beauty through history It’s time to unveil the ornaments that never broke… Date: Sunday, 17 March 2013 Time: 5 – 7 PM GMT Location: ONLINE Fee: FREE   What’s it about: Join i am Alima for their first online conference in 2013. Bringing to you 7 women of beauty, who excelled in their worship of Allah and in turn they become women of substance, women of beauty. Learn about them and how they achieved such a status. Register here: link Information There are women in history whom Allah chose and preserved. He preserved them so that we’d have...

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