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Pinning a Scarf

17th January 2009 marks the day I decided to start wearing a scarf – Two weeks before I took my shahadah. I felt so lovely and exotic, covering up… I looked at myself in the mirror and was proud of the lady looking back, draped in scarf and sparkly eyed. I felt as if God had enveloped me; that that cloth was like God’s hands, keeping me safe and giving me strength. I felt so beautiful. The first scarf I bought was milk-chocolate brown, light loosely woven cotton with lines of sequins going length-ways. I didn’t know how to do a scarf properly; I wrapped it over my head a few times. I remember walking out of the shop wearing it, feeling like a different person. It was the proudest feeling, knowing that anyone who looked at me would know that I am a Muslim (or in my case, was seriously considering being a Muslim). Over the next few months I bought many many scarves. It was a lengthy process of trial and error to come to the conclusion that I’m only comfortable wearing black and that certain materials are absolutely useless. I now have drawers full of scarves I’ve never worn… stashed in the hope that one day I’ll have to wear a colourful outfit and might locate the perfectly coordinated colour scarf therein. Perhaps I’ll grow out...

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