Author: Hasina Suliman

Hijab for Beginners: 30 Excuses for not wearing the scarf

As part of our Hijab for beginners series we’ve touched on the challenges that experienced by Muslimahs as well as some of the thoughts that surface when pinning ones hijab.This website is for you, the muslimah sisterhood. We are all bonded by the Shahada yet our lives follow very different, some struggle with wearing the scarf while for others it has been easy. We have crowd-sourced from amongst our readers for this post, so spot your excuse. Thank you for all those who have contributed with reference to yourselves, others, your opinions, outlook and views. May Allah swt grant you all...

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Review: Chronicals of the Shariah – The evolution of fiqh

Shariah is the code of conduct for Islam, better known as Islamic Law. Al-Kauthar Institute packages the depth of Islamic conduct, in this 2 day course took place in Durban and Johannesburg respectively. Course material was very indepth, with Day 1 outlining the infrastructure of concepts and shariah, and Day 2  focusing on the concepts of the 4 madhab as well as the subject of fatwas Being my first Al-Kauthar Institute event, it was a uplifting experience. Engaging with other muslimahs, stealing quick conversations between breaks and of course growing in Islamic knowledge emphasizes a weekend well spent. The...

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The Sealed Nectar – Ar Raheeq Al Makhtum

The Sealed Nectar, which is essentially the detailed Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad SAWS, is currently on my reading list. I’ve been wading through it slowly, as it is very rich in detail, dates, chronology, and names.  It is brilliantly woven together in a way that allows the reader to picture the Prophet SAWS’s life, and journey with him through his experiences. There have been parts in the book that are extremely emotional and moving, I’ve closed the book and shed my tears before resuming reading. If you want to know the prophet, journey with him, experience his difficulty...

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