Author: Hasina Suliman

Wimsy at the Muslimah Fashion Show

Disclaimer: All pictures are property of (c) Wimsy, featured on Muslimah(Life)Style. Wimsy provides accessories for your hairscarf, for weddings special occasions. Fashioned to suit your needs. Specializes in beading. Wimsy can be reached on (+27) 72 954 0547 – Based in Cape Town, South...

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Hajj Series: Pre-lude

Dear Readers and sisters embarking on Hajj, Hajj is one of the fundamental pillars of islam for those who are able.  Time is drawing closer and many sisters are gearing up to embark on this journey of a life time. Muslimah(Life)Style wishes to share in your joy of being the guest of Allah SWT, and hopes that our series of upcoming posts will equip you with the information you need in order to pack, gear yourself mentally,  dealing with menstruation/haidh on hajj, key words and arabic phrases to assist you on your hajj, as well as offer you the...

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