Author: Hasina Suliman

Free: Online Hajj Course

Are you going on hajj? Do you plan on going in the future, insha allah. This course is for you, and its Free online. Learn all about Hajj and its secrets, its rites, how to be successful in it and how to perform it in the best way. Filled with the most practical tips for the journey of a lifetime     Register FREE...

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The Conference Ready Muslimah

South Africa is now opening up its doors to many more conferences for the everyday Muslimah. This is a great way to network, connect with like minded individuals as well as expand on your knowledge.  How can you be Conference Ready? MuslimahLifestyle brings you some practical tips to help you get the most out of your conference experience. Lets cover the Essentials First! Registration!  Register timeously so you can score the Early Bird Discount, as well as have enough time to process the relevant payment without difficulty. Carry along your ticket / proof of payment / registration information. Ensure...

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Free Online Course: A Believers Ramadan

A Believer’s Ramadan is an inspiring Ramadan program that will help you to have the best Ramadan of your life. A video series by Sheikh Bilal Ismail, that will reflect on making the most of everyday of Ramadan. You will go day by day with a focus on how to make the most of it and pleasing Allah the most. The video series will cover the following topics: The amazing fast History of Ramadan Fasting is protection Month of the Quran Allah wants ease for us Nullifiers of fasting Taraweeh The A-Z of Ramadan Ramadan hadith Blessings of Ramadan...

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