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Books: DON’T BE SAD by Aaidh Ibn Abdullah Al Qarni

Title: Don’t be Sad Author : Aaidh ibn Abdullah Al Qarni Publisher: Dar-us-Salaam ISBN: 9960850447 One cannot imagine the scope and soulful depth of this book by its simple yet eloquent title; DON’T BE SAD by Aaidh Ibn Abdullah Al Qarni is a diamond among gems. Don’t be Sad will become a firm favourite and a best friend taking its permanent place on your bookshelf. It is filled with simple advice which simplifies reality and hardship. This book transports the reader from the shadows of despair  into the beautiful light which is bounties of Deen ul Islam. The author addresses the various trials that a Muslim experiences, slowly yet surely aids the reader out of the slump that is sadness, depression and regret – to mention just a few of the disillusioned emotions that incapacitate our happiness . The book speaks to one in a way that is straightforward and much needed, everyday a new realisation forces one into a rehabilitation of sorts. Every word relevant to your life as the rays of light from the Quraan and Sunnah.These are  feature on every page succeeding in softening ones heart and often bringing tears to the eyes. “Don’t be SAD”  stands up to its title and encourages the reader to grasp at the loose ends of life with a smile, while holding onto that ever trustworthy Rope of Allah for,...

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Epic Journey: Gems from Surah Yusuf

Truly An Epic Journey, topics covered ranged from Importance & Duties to parents and other blessings from Allah to How to deal with Jealousy and controlling ones nafs. Some great Pearls of Wisdom from various students for your benefit InshaAllah! Allah will never let the efforts of a doer of good go unrewarded, Do not ever feel like your good deeds have gone unnoticed. Allah is All Knowing, All Seeing If shaytaan cannot attack you fully he will attack you partially. It is not sufficient to be inspired….INSPIRE YOURSELF INTO ACTION. Light illuminates but focused light cuts through steel. You can...

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More excuses for not wearing the Hijab

Some sisters cant wear hijab, others are forced to take it off, while others fight for the right. These “Excuses don’t change reality”, They lend to a false sense of comfort in disobedience of Allah (The Most Great) Excuse #1 I don’t wear Hijab because it reduces the chance of me finding a husband. –         the kind of man you want to attract should be a righteous one who will love you AND your hijab, which is a symbol of obedience to Allah Almighty Excuse #2 My parents/ Husband don’t mind me NOT wearing Hijab/ prefer me not wearing...

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Knowledge Hive SA 2011 – Post #2

Part 2 of our Knowledge Hive review. (Read Part one?) Nearly all of the sessions held such pearls of wisdom which makes one want to change right there and then, but after a week you realize that change takes time and pain. Some pearls for our readers: One is bound to live with two pains The pain of discipline OR The pain of failure YOUR CHOICE Make up your mind and then do whatever it takes!! Hard work wins over talent when talent does not work hard. The more you learn about the Prophet (saw), the more you LOVE...

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Knowledge Hive 2011 Review

Venue: Ezulwinini Berg Resort – Natal Drakenberg Date: 05-10 April 2011 Speakers: Sheikh Yawar Baig, Sheikh Bilal Ismail, Sheikh Tariq Appleby Knowledge Hive is a residential retreat for the serious students of Islamic knowledge. A gathering of the best and most dedicated students and some of the top Al-Kauthar instructors. A rare opportunity to live, eat, pray and spend educational time with the shuyukh in an environment of Imaan, knowledge and constant remembrance of Allah (SWT). It is your opportunity to isolate yourself from the distractions of the dunya and concentrate on mental and spiritual refinement through intensive study...

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