Course: The Lost Paradise, Spain

Course: The Lost Paradise, Spain

Al Andalus (Spain) is noted to be one of the strongest islamic dynasty’s of it’s time. Islam revolutionalised the world, being keys to great scientfic, mathematical, medical, architectural advancements and more. Attend this course to grow in knowledge of your islamic heritage . There is a timeless leadership lessons to be found in our islamic rule.

This Course will inshallah highlight:
-The importance of knowing your history
– Key events in the 800 years of Muslim rule in Spain
– How to analyse history and draw lessons from the past that will benefit you today.
– Understanding how the decree of Allah (azzawa jal) related to the behavior of communities
РAdmiration for this glorious period of Islamic rule that laid the foundation for Europe’s renaissance
– An Understanding of the factors that lead to the strength and weakness of nations
– How Muslims ruled over and lived with people of other faiths.

Date: 19 JanuaryVenue: Suliman Nana Centre, Crosby
Time: 08:00 – 18:00 (GMT +2:00)
Fee: R150 pp

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The Lost Paradise - Islamic Spain

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