Course: Worst of the Worst

Course: Worst of the Worst

In this unique course we will study the notorious characters of Satan, Pharoah and Dajjal – each of which have been mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. We have been warned against these evil characters and their traits throughout history, and this course will seek to develop our understanding further so that we are able to learn valuable lessons as well as protect ourselves from harm.

Fee: ZAR250

25 April 2015 Durban
26 April 2015 Johannesburg
27 April 2015 Cape Town

In this course, we will also delve into the story of Pharoah – one of the greatest tyrants to walk this earth. We will study his oppression of the children of Israel, his raising of Moses in his household as well as his anger and arrogance towards him. The factors which led to his extraordinary death will also be examined, and from these episodes we will seek to extract life changing lessons.

And finally, the Dajjal. Who and what exactly is Dajjal? It is a topic that fascinates many; we will study the authentic sources and separate the facts from fiction. We will study his description and key features, his abilities and powers, his call and impact on the world and of course, how to protect oneself from his harm.

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Belief in Satan

  • Satan’s enmity towards humanity
  • The world of Satan and the Jinn
  • Protection from the Jinn
  • Satan versus the Prophets
  • How Satan leads mankind astray
  • Satans final fate

The Story of Moses and Pharaoh

  • The character of Pharaoh
  • How Moses confronted Pharaoh
  • The fall of the tyrant and lessons derived

The Dajjal

  • The signs of the Hour
  • The minor Dajjals
  • The story of Ibn Sayyad
  • The characteristics of Dajjal
  • The allies and enemies of Dajjal
  • The specific trials whereby Dajjal will test mankind
  • Protection from Dajjal
  • The Mahdi and the return of Isa
  • The demise of Dajjal and its aftermath

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