Hijab Swag? Hijab Modesty? Aleena is for you

Hijab Swag? Hijab Modesty? Aleena is for you

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MuslimahLifestyle is always on the lookout for great trends, fashion, and of course fantastic designers labels like Aleena.
Aleena is a Cape Town based Proudly South African designer label for the Muslimah who is into modesty and trends.
Aleena means Silk of Heaven.
Aleena focusses on  the everyday muslimah and brings trendy garments which are age appropriate and fashion centric.

Aleena Garments | muslimahlifestyle

The brand boasts 2 fabulous and distinct collections : Hijab Swag & Hijab Modesty. The aim behind Aleena is to inspire young muslim girls to wear Hijab as well as be comfortable and fashionable.

Hijab Swag caters for young ladies aged  17 to 30 years old.  Hijab Swag showcases some styles which are unconventional and fresh – A definite must have for all trend chasers.


Hijab Modesty is a bit simpler than Swag, some of the garments are a  replica of Swag but a more modest, longer, the colours and types of fabrics used are a bit different and more suited for the slightly older female who is trendy but prefers toned down fashion.  Hijab Modesty caters for up to a size 40 and with view to reaching a dress size 44 in the near future

Aleena hijab Swag & Modesty | muslimahlifestyle

Aleena hijab swag | muslimahlifestyle

Muslimah LifeStyle has been quite impressed by the Aleena brand. Be sure to order your fantastic fashion piece
Contact details Nooriya on +27728805148 or
Email aleenamyhijab[at]gmail[dot]com – please convert to web appropriate symbols

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