5 Ways to Minimize Digital Clutter

5 Ways to Minimize Digital Clutter

Digital clutter is a term used for all those extra (i do mean extra) apps, icons, emails, social media platforms and all things that reside on your memory cards, devices, hard drives and cloud drives. Overtime it becomes overwhelming if on doesn’t minimize or declutter.

Where does one begin? Here is a list of  5 avenues for you to begin with.

  1. Mobile phone
    Remove unused contacts.
    Audit your apps
    Delete unwanted pictures.
    Remove unwanted widgets.
  2. Social Media
    Facebook – Follow fewer groups
    Twitter – Align your twitter for productivity
    Instagram – Spend less time on instagram. Take fewer screenshots of images as this accumulates digital clutter.
    Pinterest – unfollow boards and delete old pins which are no longer in use.
  3. Cloud storage
    Audit your cloud storage. Often we upload files on the go, and this essentially becomes the digital equivalent of a junk drawer.
  4. Computer
    Delete photos/Videos
    Clear desktop
    Software Audit/App Audit
  5.  Email
    Unsubscribe from mailing lists.
    Delete unused contacts
    Delete old emails

These steps will enable you to free up space, as well as clear up your digital head space without bombarding you with data that you no longer require. Best practices to declutter every 3 months, as it’s easier to adhere to minimalism.

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