25 Hijabi Problems

25 Hijabi Problems

25 Hijaabi Problems | Muslimahlifestyle.com

  1. Hijab caps make you feel like you have a bandage on your head!
  2. Flat hair after wearing a scarf
  3. Having to undo ur hijab style to make wudhu :/
  4. You have to adjust your Hijab while putting earphones in
  5. The sunglasses you really want distort the shape of your Hijab and make it look strange
  6. Everyone thinks you’re bald
  7. #thatawkwardmomentwhen you pass a mirror & realize your hijab is totally messed up
  8. This Hijab makes my head look big
  9. Everyone feels the need to ask you if it gets hot “under there”
  10. Your silk Hijab keeps slipping off
  11. Deludedly thinking that a black scarf goes with everything.
  12. Someone mistakes you for another Hijabi since the backs of your heads look the same
  13. You have to find a matching Hijab with every outfit
  14. Getting slapped by your Hijab when it’s windy out
  15. Being undecided: Should I organize my hijabs by colour, shape or fabric?
  16. Tearing up your entire bedroom…only to discover the sought after scarf in the dryer.
  17. Having to throw random things onto your head when a man unexpectedly is in your house: “QUICK! HAND ME THAT BLANKET!”
  18. Scarf Tan lines
  19. I’m constantly in fear that when I put a pin in my mouth while putting on my scarf I’ll accidentally swallow it
  20. When a friend comes to your house and doesnt recognize you without your scarf
  21. Feeding your scarf.
  22. Being uncomfortable when your hair comes undone under your scarf.
  23. My hijab drawers are over flowing.  Yet I still need more scarves
  24. Stabbing yourself in the chin or the head when securing your scarf
  25. No one complimented me on my new Hijab

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  1. Faten Ramadan

    Salaam Hasina, it sounds to me like many of the hijab problems you have listed can be solved with the Fetoun Hijat. Have you tried one yet? They are a bit pricy but worth every penny!


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