25 Hijabi Problems – Part 3

25 Hijabi Problems  – Part 3

 25 Hijabi problems part3

  1. Your scarf does a Marilyn Monroe when it’s windy.
  2. That insane addiction to your new hijab, that you want to wear it everyday
  3.  4 Words you don’t want to hear: Your hair is showing
  4. “Are you only allowed to wear your ‘headscarf’ in black?” Um, no. I’m just really lazy & pretend black matches everything…
  5. “What’s that thing on your head?” … It’s called a scarf.
  6. When your hijab almost falls in the toilet.
  7. Bad Hijab Days
  8. Everyone feels the need to ask you if it gets hot “under there”
  9. It rains on your hijab
  10. Where do missing pins go?
  11. When non hijabi’s feel the need to explain why they don’t cover their hair.
  12. That moment when you don’t have a hijab to match your outfit
  13. When you stab yourself in the head when pinning your hijab
  14. Over-accessorising your hijab.. and falling short of adding in Party lights 😉
  15. You’ve deleveloped a hijab addiction, and cannot pick up a scarf without draping it on you
  16. When your scarf gets caught in the door or the car door.
  17. When you see someone with a HUGE hijab pin that looks like a Sattelite dish on their head
  18. When your new scarf traps in all the sound and you feel like your head is in a bubble
  19. You have to adjust your Hijab while putting earphones in.
  20. Fighting over pins with your sibling
  21. Hiding crumbs (or a whole meal) in your hijab
  22. Wish you never had to iron another scarf ever again!
  23. When you have a function to attend, and the only scarf that matches is very scratchy… and you wear it anyway
  24. Your neck is showing ( and you’ve run out of scarf)
  25. Brain Boil factor of 50! When the weather turns out to be too hot for the scarf you’re wearing

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  1. Jamila Alqarnain

    Definitely relate to 10 and 4. Hey black does go with everything lol


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