15 Winter Hijabi Tips

15 Winter Hijabi Tips

Winter is upon us in South Africa. Everyone has their hijab preferences around this time of year. Muslimah Lifestyle brings you our best scarf tips.

15 Winter Hijabi Tips by Muslimahlifestyle.com


1. Pinfree hijabs are great for winter. They have abit of warmth, and will stay in place on windy days. You can use a pin to hold it in place in the case of gale force winds or if you’re insecure that it might unravel.

2. Schiffon scarves and other very light scarves should be avoided as they are  flyaway scarves. Your scarf will likely be windswept and smack you in the face.

3. Pashminas offer some warmth but can be bulky, depending on the thickness.  They offer more coverage for the chest area. Opting for fabrics like cashmere offer less bulk and more warmth.

4. Metal hijab jewelry, pins and chains can get icy cold during winter.  Always ensure they are pinned properly so as not to flap around in your face, or cause a strain on your scarf on a windy day.

5. Hats and hijab are fabulous to keep the rain at bay, and your hands free. Great for light drizzley days.

6. Thin scarves usually stick to you if it rains, and can be quite uncomfortable.

7. Hijab bands are always a great idea to sparkle up  your scarf style on a dull day.

8. Hijab hats offer just the right amount of friction to keep your scarf in place. There are a variety to choose from and they also keep your head warm.

9. Your undercap should keep your head warm, but not be the equivalent of a bandage. Ensure the bands you buy are comfortable to wear.

10. When opting for thicker scarves, ensure the the scarf doesn’t filter out your hearing clarity.

11.  The Ninja neck coverage allows you to drape haphazardly and not worry about your neck showing. Offers just the right amount of coverage and warmth

12. Snoods. They’re great teamed up with a ninja neck coverage.

13. Cowls. The Ajmaan cowl is nice and snug but they can be a little weighty for those who don’t like heavy scarves.

14. Hoodie hijabs are a win. Hoodies ooze the idea of comfort and warmth. They fit snug and comfy on your head and keep out the chills 🙂 Great idea for sports. Normal hoodies can be teamed up with a lightweight scarf, ninja neck coverage or even a short burka

15. Small burkahs are easy to pull on. They don’t fly  into your face. Simply tuck into your coat or jersey to insulate more heat. They look good tucked into the neckline of a long coat


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