11 Common Hijabi Struggles

11 Common Hijabi Struggles

11 Common Hijabi Struggles | www.Muslimahlifestyle.com

There are some hijabi struggles that are unavoidable and like to sporadically repeat themselves. Here are our  TOP 10. What’s yours?

1. Lost Pins.
We don’t know where they go. We keep replacing them. But we always seem to run out.

2. Being stabbed in the head by a pin.
This happens to everyone at some point. There are those days when you’re in a time crunch and you need to get done. Or those days when your hand slips and the pin jabs you in the head.

3. Storing your pins.
Storing pins is always a mission.  It doesn’t remain organised forever. You can never find the pin we want to wear or your pins never remain in one place.

4. When your neck is showing and you have run out of scarf or your hair has slipped out to play peekaboo from under your scarf.

5. You have an event to attend, and the only scarf that matches is very scratchy… and you wear it anyway.

6..Having to undo ur hijab style to make wudhu. Or worse, a wet hijab after wudhu

7. Creased scarves and wishing you never had to iron another scarf again. There are few things we hate more than having to iron the creases out of our ever growing collection of hijabs.

8. #thatawkwardmomentwhen you pass a mirror & realize your hijab is totally messed up.

9. Storing crumbs in your hijab. Food and Hijab… enough said.

10. The Inescapable Hijab Itch.
When you head itches randomly under the scarf. We’ve all had it. It happensunannounced. There’s no way of avoiding it. And worse, you can’t get your fingers under your intricate scarf style to soothe the itch. Washing your hair regularly minimises this but it’s bound to happen at some point.

11. Misplaced hijab cap or hijab bonnet.
It happens at the worst of times. Usually when you’re in a time crunch.



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